Become a La Gelati Franchisee!

The La Gelati ambiance is for everyone, without exception. With an innovative menu with European ideas and our own signature-founded products, we ensure that you stand out from competitors. DoorDash, UberEats, and Grub-Hub delivery services have brought our highly-demanded products to homes and offices. The La Gelati brand is actively searching for future business owners who desire minimal overhead expenses, affordable start-up costs, remarkable ROI, and great market demand. So, why us?  

Exclusive Territory:

Early-comers have the chance to obtain exclusive territory rights for their very own La Gelati, as in gain exclusive access to a consumer market of 50,000-100,000 people. 


La Gelati is confidently committed to offering fresh products across the board, an attribute thatʼs seldom found in the industry. 


Weʼre industry researched. Items in our categories are regularly improved and new products with compelling appeal are occasionally introduced into our mix. 

Customer Loyalty:

La Gelati customers know the value received for their purchases and maintain a high level of commitment to the brand. 

Proven Business Model:

Our model has seen great success in its multiple locations and looks as though the skyʼs the limit. We closely examine what franchises need and provide those necessities. 

Active Franchise Selection:

Our franchisees are actively involved in location selection.  

If you’re passionate about the La Gelati brand, adore the premium, exotic sweet treat culture, and want to consistently serve tasty, high-quality food and beverages while managing a successful business and providing outstanding customer service, download our franchise booklet and hit the apply button below! 

Become A La Gelati Franchisee